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Storage Clips: 3PAR intros dynamic quality of service

3PAR announces a feature that allows users to convert a data volume from one service to another without disruption; Njini preps data classification suite.

Daily compilation of storage news:

3PAR adds dynamic QoS
3PARdata Inc. will announce Monday a new software feature called dynamic optimization that enables users to convert a data volume from one service level to another online, and without disruption. For example, users can adjust the RAID type from RAID-10 to RAID-50 or the degree of resource utilization to choose between massively parallel or finely restricted use of ports, cache, processors, loops and spindles. Dynamic optimization also offers radial placement to place data on inner or outer tracks of a disk platter. And finally, drive type to move data between high-performance drives like Fibre Channel to more economical drives like SATA.

Njini preps data classification suite
Data classification upstart, Njini Inc. is set to announce a product suite in June that it claims adds key ingredients to any information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy. Its Encount engine, which resides in the data path, identifies unstructured data, captures it and assigns it a business value. Encount ensures that the correct number of each data object is kept according to its business value, which could include replicating or duplicating the data. Enforce tracks access and lineage of objects through its lifecycle, ensuring compliance with corporate retention and deletion policies. Enroll decides the correct place to store the data object, according to the rules the user sets. This doesn't have to be on a storage tier -- it can also go straight into an Oracle database -- or Exchange server. And Enquire speeds up searching by grouping like data objects, making all relevant information easily accessible, the company claims.

Acopia joins HP ILM program
Acopia Networks Inc. announced it has joined Hewlett-Packard Co.'s (HP) ILM partner's program to deliver ILM solutions based on the use of its ARX switches with HP's StorageWorks Reference Information Storage System (RISS). Acopia provides to RISS users a global namespace for both Windows and Unix file data, and the ability to migrate data between HP RISS and standard file servers without application disruption or client configuration changes.

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