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Storage Clips: Hitachi unveils 20 GB microdrive

Hitachi sets stage for 20 GB microdrive; hospital taps Revivio for continuous backup; Sun qualifies Brocade 4 Gbps switch.

Daily compilation of storage news:

Hitachi unveils 20 GB microdrive
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced advancements to a 100-year-old magnetic recording technology that will set the stage for ultra-high capacities such as a 20 GB microdrive or a 1 terabyte, 3.5-inch hard drive. To achieve this, Hitachi has demonstrated data density at 230 Gbits per square inch on perpendicular recording, a technology that has its roots in the late 19th-century work of Danish scientist Valdemar Poulsen. Hitachi predicts that perpendicular recording could enable a 10-fold increase in data densities over longitudinal recording and pave the way for capacities such as a 60 GB, 1-inch drive.

Hospital taps Revivio for continuous backup
Revivio Inc. said that Baptist Memorial Health Care is implementing Revivio Continuous Protection Systems (CPS) to back up its data. Baptist will use Revivio's CPS 1200 systems to protect data across its network of 15 hospitals across Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee and meet HIPAA requirements. The Revivio CPS 1200 systems are protecting Baptist's financials applications and Patient Folder, an imaging system that electronically captures, stores and retrieves computer generated, scanned or microfilmed documents.

Sun qualifies Brocade switch
Brocade Communications Systems Inc. announced that the Brocade SilkWorm 4100 4 Gbps SAN switch is now part of the Sun Microsystems Inc. StorEdge portfolio. The SilkWorm 4100 supports "Ports-on-Demand" scalability that allows users to move from 16-port to 24-port and 32-port configurations. Brocade said that the SilkWorm 4100 is for branch offices and departments in enterprises implementing a local SAN architecture, and for midsized organizations deploying smaller SANs.

Atempo updates Time Navigator
Atempo Inc. said that the next generation of its data protection software, Time Navigator Version 4.0, is now available. Time Navigator 4.0 integrates snapshot management, replication and disk-to-disk-to-tape virtual library technologies into its backup and restore architecture. Some of the new features in Time Navigator 4.0 include centralized management of snapshots and asynchronous replication across heterogeneous systems. Time Navigator Version 4.0 is shipping now and supports all the major UNIX platforms, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

Infortrend ships SATA arrays
RAID storage expert Infortrend Inc. is now shipping four new EonStor Serial ATA (SATA II) RAID subsystems based on its latest RAID engine. These 2U rackmount, twelve- and eight-bay storage enclosures support SATA II drives and come in Fibre Channel and SCSI dual-host versions. The new subsystems use SATA II technology enhancements such as 3 Gbps transfer rates, native command queuing for transaction-oriented applications, and hot plug capability.

ONStor adds virtual servers
ONStor Inc. announced its virtual server technology, targeted at storage administrators grappling with file server proliferation, complex backup processes, disruption when scaling and sharing data between operating systems. ONStor's virtual servers transform physical NAS gateways into a pool of logical file server resources. Each virtual server appears to clients as a separate file server, with a unique IP address, storage resource, directory structure and permissions.

Exabyte unveils LTO Autoloader for Mac
Exabyte Corp. announced the Magnum 1x7 LTO Autoloader for use with Mac OS X Server. The Magnum 1x7 is now available through the Apple Store, bundled with TOLIS BRU Basic backup and restore software to provide a hardware/software solution for data backup requirements.

Storcase intros hard drive enclosures
StorCase Technology Inc. announced new models of its Data Express removable hard drive enclosures that use government-certified data encryption algorithms. The new Data Express DE110 with encryption is a steel constructed, internal, hot swappable enclosure for Parallel ATA drives designed to perform U.S. NIST and Canadian CSE -- certified Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Triple DES encryption for sensitive data. With the new DE110 models, encryption is done on all portions of the hard drive, including the boot sector and the OS, assuring complete data security, the company said.

Troika, StoreAge ship network storage services
Troika Networks Inc. and StoreAge Networking Technologies announced the shipment of a split-path architecture SAN management and data protection product. Based on Troika's Accelera Network Storage Services chip and StoreAge's virtualization and storage services software, the offering provides services such as snapshot, replication, mirroring and storage management within the SAN fabric, accelerating these services in hardware, and using separate paths for management and data movement.

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