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Spotlight: Provisioning

With these articles, tips and expert advice on provisioning we can help take a bit of the 'T' out of tedious provisioning.

According to, storage provisioning is the process of assigning storage, usually in the form of server disk drive space, in order to optimize the performance of a storage area network (SAN). Traditionally, this has been done by the SAN administrator, and it can be a tedious process.

And that's where is going to pick up on that definition. Is provisioning a tedious process? Ask any storage admin and they'd no doubt concur. Hopefully with these articles, tips and expert advice on provisioning we can help take a bit of the 'T' out of tedious.

Technical advice:

  • Storage Provisioning
  • Six requirements for successful provisioning
  • Best practices for provisioning storage
  • Part one: Simplifying the storage management process
  • Is storage automation a bust?
  • Using provisioning tools
  • Make sense of SAN management software
  • Can you really trust automation?
  • Leading policies and strategies regarding storage management
  • Lesson 2: Best practices: Storage management operations
  • Choosing the right provisioning solution

    Provisioning news:

  • IBM provisioning lab offers hands-on experience
  • NetApp eases storage provisioning pain
  • Startup steals a win with thin provisioning
  • HDS updates software, adds another box
  • EMC draws battle line with iSCS
  • IBM ups interoperability of SAN File System
  • AppIQ tackles provisioning

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