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Storage Clips: Rivals respond to Symantec-Veritas merger

NetApp, EMC and CA pipe in about Symantec-Veritas; MPAK unveils e-mail archiving appliance; Banks clear checks electronically with Viewpointe.

Daily compilation of storage news:

Rivals respond to Symantec-Veritas merger
EMC and Network Appliance (NetApp) have been quick to respond to Symantec's $13 billion acquisition of Veritas this week. Computer Associates (CA) responded shortly after, claiming it will take Symantec at least 18 to 24 months to get where it is today.

Bragging aside, all the competitors point out that it will take Symantec at least four to six months just to get the new structure organized. In the meantime, its rivals will be banging on its customers doors spreading fear and doubt about the new company.

Eric Brown, spokesman for NetApp, said that from their perspective the merger represents a similar strategy to NetApp's. "The combined company is choosing to specialize in protecting information with a broad portfolio of solutions for backup, recovery and security -- but all focused on information integrity." He added, "This is in stark contrast to some others in the data storage market who are trying to be all things to everyone, without any clear focus."

Regarding the ongoing work between NetApp and Veritas, those projects are still underway. "We don't foresee any substantive divergence from our previously stated road map," he said.

Addressing the security and storage issue, an EMC spokesman said, "We recognize security is a concern for customers and understand the issues they face as related to information management and storage." He noted that EMC is working with partners to address these concerns. "With EDS for example, we deliver security solutions and services such as video surveillance, encryption and proper data erasure… The net-net is that we believe we have a tremendous opportunity during their time of integration."

Continuing the boasting, CA said its management integration strategy goes well beyond storage and security to encompass systems and network management, database management and the entire application life cycle. "This merger still leaves Symantec with gaping holes in all of these areas," said a spokesperson for CA. "At the same time, as it is trying to fill these holes, Symantec must also defend its core consumer/SOHO antivirus and firewall business against imminent threats from Microsoft and others. "

MPAK unveils e-mail archiving appliance
MPAK Technologies Inc. announced the release of its ExchangeStor ME5000 Storage Appliance, an e-mail management and archiving product. The company said that by using ExchangeStor, companies can fulfill regulatory requirements while enhancing management of e-mail. ExchangeStor is certified for use with Microsoft Storage Server 2003 and is recommended for users who want to consolidate Exchange environments.

Banks clear checks electronically with Viewpointe
Image archiving company Viewpointe announced First Horizon and SunTrust Banks Inc. are now electronically clearing check payments through Viewpointe's ImageShare image exchange service. This service lets banks electronically share check images and related payment data. First Horizon and SunTrust will be among the first banks in the industry to benefit from Check 21 legislation, a law enacted in October that allows banks to exchange check information electronically.

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