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Storage Clips: SANrad rolls out iSCSI switch

SANrad offers entry-level and enterprise iSCSI; ADIC refreshes archive software; User taps XOsoft for real-time replication.

SANrad rolls out iSCSI switch
SANrad Inc., a provider of iSCSI SAN products, announced an intelligent iSCSI-based switch dubbed V-Switch that can be configured for entry-level through enterprise applications. The V-Switch 2000, used with entry-level applications, combines the functionality of a multi-protocol switch, storage virtualization engine, storage router and Fibre Channel gateway. The V-Switch 3000, for midrange and enterprise applications, blends an interoperable multiple-port iSCSI gateway with SANrad's StoragePro management software to deliver iSCSI connectivity across Ethernet environments.

ADIC refreshes archive software
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) announced a new version of the company's AMASS archive software, offering expanded support for a variety of drive, media, and operating platform technologies. New in AMASS 5.4 is support for UDO (Ultra Density Optical) drive technology, and also support for Plasmon and HP libraries which integrate the new high capacity optical storage. UDO drive technology offers optical storage users 30 GB of data storage per 5.25-inch form factor media, three times the capacity of earlier generation magneto-optical systems. The 5.4 AMASS release also adds support for newer generation Quantum SDLT and Sony AIT drive technology, IBM 3592 drives, as well as the latest generations of tape library control software ADIC's SDLC version 2.5 and StorageTek's ACSLS version 7.1.

User taps XOsoft for real-time replication
XOsoft, a provider of continuous application availability software, announced that CPS (Complete Protocol Solutions Inc.) has deployed XOsoft's WANSyncHA at several sites for Polek & Polek, a global distributor of imaging parts and supplies. Polek & Polek now has uninterrupted availability of SQL-based eCommerce application servers, even in cases of complete site failures. WANSyncHA SQL was deployed within minutes to establish replication and automated failover scenarios between Polek & Polek's primary site in New Jersey and servers at a redundant site in Texas. Polek & Polek said that real-time replication of the SQL-based application servers and failover to remote replicas now provide the company with complete disaster immunity.

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