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2004 purchasing intentions survey -- Backup and disaster recovery

2004 purchasing intentions survey -- Backup and disaster recovery


Will your use of tape as a backup format decrease, stay the same or increase?

  • 20.30% Decrease
  • 48.60% Stay the same
  • 31.10% Increase

What is the primary format you will select for your tape drive purchases in 2005?

  • 9.20% DLT
  • 47.20% LTO
  • 16.50% SDLT
  • 4.60% AIT
  • 7.70% 9xxx series
  • 4.40% 35xx series
  • 10.40% Other

Who has been your primary vendor for tape backup hardware in 2004? Who will be your primary vendor for tape backup hardware in 2005?

Which disk-to-disk backup strategies are you employing?

  • 10.20% Disk configured as virtual tape (e.g., Quantum DX-100)
  • 21.70% Disk configured as file system
  • 5.20% Disk using content-addressable or other WORM technology (e.g., EMC Centerra)
  • 40.50% Backup to disk and then to tape
  • 28.20% Backup to disk and archive to tape
  • 1.90% Single-instance storage (e.g., Avamar)
  • 33.40% None

Who is your main disk backup vendor?

How would you describe your purchase plans for backup or archive systems to comply with data retention regulations and laws?

  • 0.20% Decrease
  • 42.40% Stay the same
  • 38.80% Increase
  • 18.60% None

Which technologies are you relying on to comply with data retention regulations?

  • 11.70% Optical WORM
  • 54.30% Tape archiving
  • 32.40% Conventional disk-based backup/archive
  • 10.40% Disk-based virtual tape libraries
  • 10.90% Disk-based WORM technology such as EMC Centera
  • 11.50% Don't know
  • 14.80% None
  • 1.50% Other

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