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2004 purchasing intentions survey -- Disk storage

2004 purchasing intentions survey -- Disk storage


How much storage do you expect your company or business unit to purchase in 2004 (both internal server storage and external storage)?

  • 22.50% <1TB
  • 42.90% 1-10TB
  • 24.50% 11 - 50TB
  • 6.70% 51 - 100TB
  • 3.40% 100TB

What percentage of your 2004 disk subsystem purchases have been or will be in each of the following categories?

  • 23.96% High-end (Symmetrix, Lightning, Shark or equivalents)
  • 37.79% Mid-range (FC or SCSI disk in Clariion, Thunder, FastT or equivalent)
  • 32.86% Low-end (ATA or Serial ATA arrays, or SCSI JBOD)
  • 5.4% Other

What will be your primary expenditure for disk storage in 2004?

Which best describes your plans for file storage in 2004?

  • 36% Continued use of conventional file server direct-attached storage
  • 27.90% Increased use of multiple network-attached storage devices
  • 32.60% Increased consolidation of network-attached storage
  • 21.30% Increased use of dedicated NAS gateways to store files on the SAN
  • 29% Increased use of virtualization servers to store files in a common storage pool
  • 8.20% None

Who is your primary vendor for disk subsystems in 2004? Who is your primary vendor for disk subsystems in 2005?

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