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SD '04: Roundup of news from Day Two

CreekPath, Overland, Princeton Softech and others unveiled their latest wares at Storage Decisions.

CHICAGO -- In case you missed it, here is a run down of the announcements from the final day at Storage Decisions.

  • CreekPath Systems released version 3.2 of its SRM software that lets users see interdependencies and relationships between all elements in the storage network, claims the company. It also provides on-the-spot troubleshooting and can now hook into Sybase, reporting on database capacity, utilization and provisioning for that product.

  • Network Appliance Inc. unveiled LockVault, a data retention software product for unstructured data like PDFs, spreadsheets and Word documents that apparently account for over 50% of enterprise data. LockVault combines the technology in NetApp's SnapVault and SnapLock software into one product for managing unstructured data. "You will be able to show the SEC a picture of the data on your servers at any given time.

  • Overland Storage took the wraps off its new disk-based backup appliance, the REO 9000, which it said provides fast, reliable backups and near-instantaneous restores for up to 9.6 TB of data. It combines serial ATA drives with Overland's ProtectionPAC software for backup and recovery purposes. The Overland product comes a day after Microsoft announced a disk-based backup server and a ton of partners who lined up like kids in a candy store to support it. Overland CTO, John Matze said "given the market introduction of Microsoft's Data Protection Server (DPS) is a year away, we can only base our assessment of the technology on external Microsoft documents. From this information, it appears Microsoft is proposing yet another backup process, and possibly the addition of another server into customers' already complex backup environments." Strange -- isn't that the case with all disk-based backup systems? Overland also let it slip that the company has laid-off approximately 140 people as it moves to an outsourced manufacturing model. Over the next nine months, all Overland manufacturing and related activities will transfer to Sanmina-SCI Corp.

  • Princeton Softech announced it has integrated its database archiving software with IBM's Data Rentention 450 compliance box to allow customers to archive PeopleSoft data to the 450 -- with the ability to retrieve subsets of archived data as needed. It sounds good, for the handful of folk that are users of all three products.

  • Buried in all the disk backup hype, Quantum Corp unveiled its roadmap for DLT tape products for the next decade that is expected to deliver over 10 TB per cartridge with system speeds matched to meet all network capabilities. The DLT-V offerings are expected to offer multi-terabyte devices at less than $1,000 -- or pennies per gigabyte.

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