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Does HDS have an edge over its competitors -- if so what is it?

Does HDS have an edge over its competitors -- if so what is it?

Kerns: Storage systems are really a leapfrog business. The most recent to deliver usually has an advantage until the next vendor does their major release. This is competition at its best and is good for customers. HDS has the latest product release so this leapfrog event will give them some advantages over the competition. The aforementioned virtual storage machines is certainly something new with great opportunity. They have a great deal of performance which is needed with their large scale consolidation focus.

Asaro: HDS has an extremely strong product line in the SAN space. The combination of an enterprise-class storage system that supports external virtualization gives them a unique selling proposition. Customers want storage virtualization. ESG Research did a recent study where 96% of customer that had over 10 TB were looking to deploy a storage virtualization solution.

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