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What is HDS' strategic direction?

What is HDS' strategic direction?

Asaro: The TagmaStore as an enterprise-class solution which is extremely scalable for massive consolidation. It also has smart software to better manage consolidation including Host Storage Domains (HSD) and Server Priority.

As a storage virtualization platform TagmaStore supports up to 32 PB of externally attached storage and 2 million IOPS. This is arguably the most scalable storage virtualization platform in the market today. Additionally, the TagmaStore supports all of the HDS data management and replication software that has been used by customers in mission-critical applications for years. That is key since customers need to minimize risk for all of their data storage.

Another key feature of TagmaStore as a virtualization platform is its Volume Migration tool. Using Volume Migration customers can manually or automatically (based on policies) move data to different tiers of storage based on access, performance or capacity requirements (better capacity utilization among storage systems). This capability enables intelligent data lifecycle management.

Kerns: The isolation that is enabled by the virtual partition feature [TagmaStore] brings with it is performance and chargeback and the fact that it can be dynamically altered will be something that storage professionals can really exploit in consolidation environments -- especially those that want to mix mainframe and open systems on the same storage platform. From a strategic direction, HDS is expanding the consolidation opportunity to go beyond what has been the common practice to date.

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