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In what areas is HDS weak in storage?

In what areas is HDS weak in storage?

Asaro: They partner with NetApp on NAS -- which is a smart move. However, I think they need to do a better job at selling it as part of an overall solutions sell with the Lightning and Thunder. Selling and marketing NAS is different enough from SAN that if you do not focus on it you will only get the easy sale. I think they could do better here.

They do not have any object-based or content addressed (CAS) product. EMC has sold over 20 PB of storage in the CAS space and they have no leading storage competitor with the exception of NetApp. This is a missed opportunity for HDS.

HDS currently does not have a disk-to-disk offering (e.g. VTL). This is an emerging market that has enormous potential.

Kerns: HDS has recently made some changes with marketing that should help them in this area. The positioning and solutions for customers will hopefully improve now.

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