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Storage Top 20 summer news highlights

Storage Top 20 summer news highlights

In case you missed out on key storage coverage during the summer, we've compiled the Top 20 articles on our site to help you keep on track.

Apple's SAN file system turns heads
SAN file systems are a great idea, if you can afford one. They enable multiple users simultaneous access to the same file, but the price tag for this functionality, which includes sophisticated stuff like multi-platform data sharing, policy-based provisioning and file-level locking, is outrageously steep.

Strategic Storage Vendors: IBM
Walk through this interactive Q&A and learn what you need to know about one of the storage giants we've selected for a closer look. Keep in mind that the industry changes quickly -- this info is current as of end of July 2004. Stay tuned for our next update on IBM in about six months.

Security flaw could put EMC Centera users at risk
At the Crypto 2004 conference in Santa Barbara, Calif. last week, several papers were presented that demonstrated vulnerabilities in a popular algorithm used to create digital signatures.

Storage Management Survival School
In each of these 15-minute lessons, management experts will walk you through a range of topics, including how to start a storage management plan and how to best approach setting up a storage management group.

EMC prepares to enter another new market
EMC Corp. is entering new markets like a Japanese bullet train these days, and the next stop on its whirlwind tour is systems management software, industry analysts say.

Salary trends: What's hot, what's not
Although IT management jobs continue to reign as the highest-paying positions across the technology career spectrum, storage-related positions are beginning to make inroads as well, reflecting the continued importance of data management across corporate America.

SAN School
The authors of "Storage Area Networks for dummies", Christopher Poelker and Alex Nikitin, are your SAN School professors. In each of these 20-minute lessons they'll walk you through what a SAN is, all the way through connecting those last nodes for optimal performance.

EMC dodges question on Centera performance
EMC Corp. announced a slew of enhancements to Centera Monday, its flagship archiving system, but neglected to share some important data about the apparent improved performance of the product.

Learning Guide: NAS's editors have put together a NAS Learning Guide to help the beginner, as well as the seasoned NAS veteran, navigate NAS technology. You'll find resources on NAS players and products, protocols, configuration, performance, backup and more.

HP storage sales tank
Hewlett Packard Co. blamed its shoddy third-quarter storage sales on the steady decline in disk prices, aggressive discounting in the channel and a badly executed migration to a new SAP order processing system.

SAN: Do you speak geek?
Think you know SAN? Take our quick quiz and see how you measure up on our SAN geek-o-meter. How many can you guess without peeking?

Fast Guide: RAID
What plagues you most when it comes to managing storage? Confused about the different levels of RAID and how they're implemented? Take a look at our comprehensive Fast Guide: RAID. You'll find our Fast Guide a welcomed piece of RAID aid that brings you up-to-date news happenings of who's "RAIDing" what, as well as expert technical tips and advice.

Analysts speak up on IBM
Does IBM have the right roadmap for continued success? Randy Kerns, partner at The Evaluator Group, and Peter Gerr, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, praise Big Blue's Shark array and virtualization software, but also point out what areas need improvement and what challenges lie ahead.

Crash Course: Zoning
To help you get further along the road with your own SAN implementation, we've collected a wealth of expert zoning advice for you. This reference guide provides details that can help you learn about zoning methods or troubleshoot your own installation.

Storage: Do you speak geek?
How much do you know storage in general? This quiz will let you know where you stand.

Product roundup: Virtualization
Thinking about implementing some form of virtualization? Before you spend a dime, take a look at our roundup on the technology.

HP drops midrange prices
Hoping to turn around its eroding market share within the enterprise, Hewlett Packard Co. announced Monday a SAN starter kit for midsized companies that it claims lowers the price of entry into this market.

Backup School
The author of "The Backup Book", Dorian Cougias is your Backup School professor. In each of these 15-minute lessons he'll walk you through what a backup is, all the way through reading that last tape for optimal recovery.

EMC opens doors wide for Centera
EMC Corp. on Monday announced a new software component for Centera called Universal Access, the fruits of a secret acquisition it made last year.

Deals abound for high-end storage
Think high-end storage is out of your reach? Maybe not. Conversations with several storage buyers recently suggest that vendors are scrambling to give buyers the best possible deals.

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