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SAN zoning resource guide

Learn about SAN zoning, the various methods and how to troubleshoot in this fast guide loaded with relevant storage articles.

When setting up a SAN, zoning is an important aspect to consider. It lets you allocate specific resources to specific groups, helps keep your data secure and lets you have multiple operating systems coexisting on the same SAN. But there are several ways to accomplish zoning and it's not always easy to know which method is best. There's hard zoning, soft zoning, port zoning, WWN zoning, etc. Given these murky waters, it can be tough for today's administrator to troubleshoot zoning problems and pinpoint the best methods for carving up SAN territory.

To help you get further along the road with your own SAN implementation, we've collected a wealth of expert zoning advice for you. This Crash Course provides details that can help you learn about zoning methods or troubleshoot your own installation.


The idea behind zoning is to allow certain users to access or talk to other devices on a network. These articles offer detailed information about the intricacies of zoning, how it works, and how you can best solve your problems using zoning -- in a small or large environment.

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