Will you implement an iSCSI SAN?

Will You Implement an iSCSI SAN?

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Will You Implement an iSCSI SAN?

Respondents that already have an FC SAN
Respondents that do not
If so, when?

This month, we asked our readers to assess their readiness for iSCSI. They're ready, all right. Overall, just over half (53%) said that yes, in fact, they will implement an iSCSI SAN. For a sizeable bunch of them (37%), it will happen soon--within the next 12 months. Who among them is the most gung ho? By far, those readers that already have a Fibre Channel SAN are more likely to implement iSCSI--60%, compared to only 42% of SAN-less readers. Perhaps they have already learned the value of networked storage?
This was last published in April 2003

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