Why are you using a VTL or why have you decided not to use one?

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Question of the Month: Why are you using a VTL or why have you decided not to use one?

    "We're considering using a VTL because disk is almost as cost-effective as tape and needs much less operator intervention."
    --Ruth Robertson, senior systems engineer, CoxHealth, Springfield, MO

    "I love that VTL data is recoverable quickly and easily, but hate the costs associated with it. VTL isn't always black and white; there are gray areas, including Brocade's FLM tiered storage, which we utilize. Our VTL hybrid of FLM, snapshots and TSM disk pools amounts to 2% of our data and it works flawlessly. Tape is still king no matter what the trade mags and vendors say."
    --Jack McMahon, director of infrastructure, Health Market Science Inc., King of Prussia, PA

    "We aren't using a VTL. Based on our current backup needs, we're able to back up everything we need on an LTO-3 tape for our Windows servers and a SLR60 tape for our iSeries. If our needs change, we will evaluate VTL and other options."
    --Patrick O'Doherty, information services manager, TW Garner Food Company, Winston-Salem, NC

This was last published in September 2008

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