What's on those tapes?

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The infamous 181/2-minute gap in Nixon's Watergate tapes might pale in comparison to your company's plight if it...

has to scour scores of backup tapes to find court-ordered emails.

Many companies still view their email backups as archives, while others have implemented an email archiving app, but still have a lot of emails on tapes from their pre-archiver days.

Index Engines' Tape Engine option for its e-Discovery platform addresses this issue by doing content and meta data indexing of data stored on tapes without having to first restore the data. Specific emails or other data can be searched for, and tapes can be selectively restored.

RenewData, an Austin, TX-based e-discovery firm, uses its proprietary ActiveVault Conversion Engine to read email data from tape, optical platters or disk. It then migrates it into several popular email archiving apps or back to the native email app where it can be searched. RenewData backs its work--even going to court if required.

--Rich Castagna

This was last published in July 2007

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