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What can storage vendors do to improve their tech support?

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Question of the Month: What can storage vendors do to improve their tech support?

    "Not make it so hard to get to an actual technician. I've already tried all the things they're going to say [in the automated system]. I need somebody who knows the software to tell me what I need to do and stay on the line until it's fixed."
    --Douglas Markell, systems administrator, Thor Industries Inc.

    "They can dig into the problems and not try to pawn it off on other vendors."
    --Dana, systems engineer, Chicago

    "Online chat. Instead, we have to open a case. It might be a simple question they could answer with chat instead of me sitting around waiting for a call back."
    --Muthukumar Kannaiyan, information officer, The World Bank

    "When you call someone, it'd be nice to get someone right away, a real person as opposed to going through multiple tiers of support."
    --Daniel Mann, IS technician, Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital

This was last published in July 2008

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