Snapshot: Who runs your SAN?

Who's Responsible for Your SAN?

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1. Do you have a SAN?
2. If so, which department is responsible for it?
3. Which department should be responsible for it?

The results are in: As a whole, Storage magazine readers are in favor of responsibility for the SAN to go to a dedicated storage group or a generic IT group. Today, SANs are managed equally by storage, server and umbrella IT organizations. A number of respondents also made a case for handing SAN responsibility to a system administration of the operations group. The networking group, meanwhile, isn't where most people think SAN responsibility should reside - although that may change, one user posited: "As IP becomes more of a player in the SAN world, there will have to be more interaction between the storage and networking groups. The networking people might be better at managing traffic with the storage people focusing more on configuration."
This was last published in January 2003

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