Snapshot: What does virtualization mean to you?

What does virtualization mean to you?

Virtualization means a lot of different things to different people, but even among storage-minded folks like Storage readers, the first association is server virtualization. Not so surprising, perhaps, because it's already in use by 63% of readers and a work in progress for 39% of respondents who haven't yet deployed any kind of in-house virtualization. Those server numbers put file and block virtualization to shame, each of which are currently in use by only 17% of respondents. "Too much sizzle and not enough steak regarding block and file virtualization," writes one user. Other readers say there are many other meanings for storage virtualization--it can also apply to technologies like logical volume managers, creating logical unit numbers on the SAN from physical devices and, for some readers, virtual tape.

When you hear the word "virtualization," what's the first thing that comes to mind?
Are you currently using any virtualization technologies?
Are you planning on using any of these virtualization technologies?

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