Snapshot: Virtual servers and storage

Virtual server technology.

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Are You Investigating Virtual Server Technology?

Is your organization exploring virtual server technology, such as VMware's?
Should a virtual server environment be connected to a SAN?
How does virtual server technology impact SAN management?

"SAN management with individual servers means many more LUN assignments and zones. Virtualization reduces those...

numbers drastically," writes one reader. On the other hand, "No longer can you plan on a static one-to-one host-to-LUN(s) arrangement," writes another, who sees a need for more "holistic virtual infrastructure management applications" that manage the entire server/storage/network environment.

Storage readers are enthusiastically jumping on the virtual server bandwagon, with a whopping 80.3% of the 157 respondents indicating that they either have virtual server/virtual machine technology in-house, or they plan to shortly. 80.3% also think that virtual servers should be housed on a storage area network (SAN), although not necessarily because it makes SAN management easier--only 23.6% percent think that's the case. What are the advantages from a SAN manager's perspective?
This was last published in June 2004

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