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Snapshot: Using multiple storage array vendors

How many array vendors are in your shop?

When it comes to buying storage, everyone has a different philosophy. Some swear by the simplicity of a single vendor, others strive to avoid vendor lock-in. Still others buy whatever is fastest/cheapest/coolest at the time. How does your shop compare to our readers?

How many different brands of storage arrays are in your shop?
"Give me something that works. I don't want a throat to choke, I want something that works!"

Storage industry analysts like to remind us that heterogeneous environments are a fact of life - but for 41% of you that only have one vendor's array, that's simply not true. And while most users have multiple kinds of arrays in their shops, only the tiniest fraction (3.5%) has five or more.

Which way is best? Users with only one vendor on their floor are happiest–only 15% are dissatisfied with their lot. The least satisfied group? 39% of users with three to four vendors on their floor.

As to the storage buyer's motto, 12% of respondents didn't like the choices they were given, and came up with a few suggestions of their own. The general theme: "Match the storage devices to your business application requirements," as one user puts it. And while you should go ahead and "get the the best bang for your buck," "don't forget about reliability and support" along the way.

This state of affairs is:
What's your motto when it comes to buying storage?
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