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Snapshot: Storage certifications

Are You Certified For Storage?

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Are You Certified For Storage?

Do you have (or employ people with) storage-related certifications?
Who are you certified by?
Do you plan on getting a certification?

There's no urgency among Storage readers to get certified, with only 18% going down the certification road. Why not? From reader comments, it's clear that many value work experience over certifications, and that training funds are limited. They are also confused about which storage certifications to take. "Not sure if I should use the EMC path or [go] vendor neutral," writes one reader. Others worry that storage is too volatile to justify the expense: "With SAN/NAS and related technologies still maturing, it is hard to determine what certification is going to stay the course," says another. Going forward, 23.6% of readers say they will pursue certification eventually; 35.8% aren't sure, but 40.6% are happy to pass on certification..
This was last published in May 2004

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