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Snapshot: Chargeback still a hard sell

Chargeback still a hard sell

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The number of storage managers who have instituted chargeback policies has stayed nearly the same since last summer,...

according to this month's Snapshot survey. Last July, 31% of respondents indicated they were charging some or all internal departments for storage use vs. the current survey's 32%. It's possible, however, that storage managers are putting more strategic policies in place; the number of respondents charging only key departments rose from 7% to 13%, while the number of respondents charging all departments dropped from 24% to 19%. Still, chargeback doesn't seem to be a significant factor in how departments use storage. Last summer, 56% of respondents said departments used the same capacity even with chargeback policies in place; this month, the figure rose to 63%.

--Trina MacDonald

This was last published in August 2007

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