Snapshot: Block-based storage

How much of your data is block-based?

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1. What portion of your data is accessed via blocks (vs. file)?
2. In your shop, SAN and NAS are:
3. Would you buy a converged SAN/NAS device?

The future bodes fairly well for the new generation of converged block and file storage devices, such as Network Appliance's recently announced product. To wit, a recent Storage magazine survey reveals that hardly anyone (<10%) has exclusively block or file-based data, while 47% already have both SAN and NAS storage. Furthermore, even with no shipping products on the market, 38% answered that yes, they would buy a converged device, compared to only 23% that responded with a categoric "no." But 39% of respondents remain unsure, waiting to be swayed by actual product demonstrations.
This was last published in October 2002

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