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Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

Can you wait for this year to end? Not me-2002 almost had me waxing nostalgic for 1974. After all, that year had an energy crisis leading to a recession. We matched that, plus terrorist threats, war and reality TV.

But hey, some good things happened, too. Personally I'm fond of this little magazine, which was born only nine months ago. And, a wondrous and bizarre thing happened in the storage industry this year:

Standards moved within telescope distance of becoming normal, and I don't mean the Hubble either. Adding to the goodness, I offer these holiday presents and New Year's resolutions.

I'm sending Building Storage Networks by Marc Farley to Bob Muglia, Microsoft storage czar. Could be just the help they need up there.

Joe Tucci and the gang at EMC need something to cheer them up after an awful financial year. How about some sheep's clothing to wear while touting AutoIS as open software?

Sam Palmisano, IBM's new CEO, gets a Member's Only jacket and a Duran Duran boxed set for merging the storage and server groups. Gerstner's chair isn't even cold and they're back to the '80s already.

Veritas' CEO Gary Bloom gets the old Kremlin hot line phone to set up a job hot line for restless Oracle employees. Eventually, Veritas will hire some execs with storage experience. Hmm, maybe that should be Gary's New Year's resolution.

A full foam rubber body suit goes to Dan Warmenhoven, NetApp CEO. After being squeezed between EMC above and Dell below, it'll keep him from getting badly bruised.

For every harried storage manager, I'm going to order a pair of roller blades with small brooms attached to the back. That way you can sweep the floor on your way out. Why not? You're doing everything else.

And now for some New Year's resolutions
I resolve not to believe any demos of provisioning software until I meet someone who has used this software in less than two weeks setup time. Once fooled, twice wise.

I'm finally going to ask EMC why-if they're going to be a software company-don't they make SRDF and TimeFinder for other vendors' arrays-or even Clariion.

I also want to ask Sun if their embrace of the common information model (CIM) is really because they don't have proprietary management APIs for their boxes. Ditto for the IBM Shark folks.

I'm going to find someone who knows how Fibre Channel can be a standard, but you still have to test every board, at every firmware level, against every other one.

And finally, to every storage vendor who says that you're not trying to bring world peace, just solve a real storage problem: If you can't really solve it, go work on world peace.

So older, wiser and ready to roll up our sleeves-may the New Year bring you at least 5% more budget and the wisdom to know how to use it. 2

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