First Storage Benchmark Released

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The Storage Performance Council, a consortium which includes, among others, LSI Logic, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM,...

and Sun, has announced the SPC-1 benchmark, measuring the performance of disk subsystems, specifically the random I/O operations that characterize OLTP, database and e-mail workloads.

SPC-1 is a first for storage customers, says Walter Baker, SPC chairman. Prior to SPC-1, existing "benchmarks were insufficient for differentiating between products," he says.

Announced were testing and analysis tools, as well as initial results for three products: IBM's TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (a.k.a. Shark), LSI Logic's E4600 and Sun's StorEdge 9910.

Notable in its absence from the SPC is EMC, which backed out in March 2000, complaining in its withdrawal letter that "the benchmark currently under construction does not reflect the environment in which EMC competes."

Other benchmarks are under consideration, for example, a NAS-specific benchmark, and a benchmark for evaluating streaming data performance.

In the meantime, says Rhonda Holt, vice president of storage systems engineering at Sun, "we encourage end users to ask their vendors for their SPC-1 results."

This was last published in June 2002

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