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Do you set disk quotas?

Do you set disk quotas?

Do you set disk quotas?


Do you impose disk quotas for end-user files?
Do you impose disk quotas on e-mail mailboxes?
What kinds of quotas do you set?

The trend is clear: Setting quotas is the norm for e-mail systems, but a less-prevalent practice for file storage. When polled, 72% of readers say they impose quotas on e-mail storage vs. only 45% that apply quotas to file server space. E-mail quotas aren't particularly generous, either: 36%--the largest portion--say their quotas are lower than 100MB. As to whether quotas are a net gain or loss for storage administrators, the jury is still out. On the one hand, "they're good because it keeps the users in line and [does] not let them take up more than their share of disk space," writes a reader. But quotas are also hard to manage. "They may be more trouble than they're worth," suggests another reader.
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This was last published in October 2005

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