Deduplication extends to archives

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DATA DEDUPLICATION has become table stakes technology in many disk-based data protection products, including those...

from Avamar Technologies, Data Domain, Diligent Technologies and, most recently, Symantec with NetBackup PureDisk. Using the technology, these systems can squeeze orders of magnitude--between three times to 70 times--more data onto a system, depending on the vendor's implementation and your data.

Now, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is putting deduplication into its archiving software. StorageWorks Reference Information Manager (RIM) for Files includes block single-instancing that provides three times to five times compression, says David Martin, HP's product marketing manager for data migration and archiving.

RIM for Files reduces storage consumption, says Martin, and cuts network traffic. While deduplication on the client adds some latency, it's largely offset by reduced TCP/IP overhead. "It's like getting something for free," he says.

--Alex Barrett

This was last published in June 2006

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