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Breaking news: Excel not top storage management tool

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The use of Excel spreadsheets for storage management has become an urban legend in storage circles, but for most of the respondents to our recent survey, it's more myth than fact. Of the 82% who employ some kind of software to manage their storage, a mere 27% stand by their spreadsheets. Nearly half rely on the software bundled with their storage arrays and networking equipment, while 32% use programs that provide specific management tools (respondents could choose more than one type of software). When asked what functionality they require of their management tools, the top choice was operational monitoring (39%). Although management tools are a necessity for most respondents, they don't get glowing reviews. A paltry 12% say their storage management software completely meets their needs. Nearly half state the tools help but they still have many manual processes; only 38% say the tools are "effective enough."

--Christine Cignoli

This was last published in August 2008

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