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Latest Veritas follies ... Switch guys duke it out ... Cisco's big secret ... Yikes! Gadzoox lives ... Microsoft makes SCSI.

People don't seem to want to part with their budget dollars, no matter how good the deals are. Several e-mails tell us that vendors are truly giving things away, and yet IT pros are still waiting. It seems like buying still isn't a priority.

Veritas continues to puzzle. CFO Ken Lonchar just got tossed for misrepresenting his college status, and it was a fairly public affair. Wall Street liked him, and that won't help the company's reputation on the street no matter what the issue is. All that negative attention has spawned speculation that the resume padding wasn't the whole story. If he did lie about his degree and that's why you are firing him, why not wait until you have a real replacement and simply say, "Ken is moving on after XXX years of doing a great job..."

MCDATA is trying again to aggressively move into the Brocade-dominated midtier, while Brocade tries to steal share from McData at the high end. McData's 4500 model switch looks like it has a lot of the right stuff at a very attractive price point, and inside word from the OEMs is that it's hot stuff. Meanwhile, the big B still continues to steal boxes at the high-end. This could be a good war.

We keep waiting but still have no reported upheaval inside of EMC's new big wig management. The company has never had more "foreigners" (people not from EMC) on the squad and we thought for sure there would be big cultural problems by now. Only time will tell, but the new guys seem to be fitting in fine so far.

Our comment on Rumors about the SEC investigating EMC drew a response from Hopkinton. Company officials say there is no reason to believe that any investigation is underway by the SEC.

There's a group that's trying to pull Gadzoox out of the ashes. We don't know why, but that's the word. Meanwhile, formerly considered-dead Vixel is actually gaining some traction with their new chip. Speaking of formerly considered - dead, Trebia Networks is starting to steal OEM wins previously in the bag for Adaptec-since Adaptec's TCP and iSCSI stuff just isn't working.

Is Sun all done? Linux advertisements? What's next, Windows for Sparc?

New Quantum CEO Rick Belluzzo is getting the company to focus again, stripping out offshore manufacturing and dumping the Snap NAS business in order to refocus on core technologies.

How come Cisco won't admit Veritas' involvement in the Andiamo deal? We hear Veritas has money in it and product. Why so secret? Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Cisco is hiring former EMC guys like hotcakes. In a recent interview CEO John Chambers plainly stated that Cisco has no desire to get into the disk part of the market, but others still seem leery.

Speaking of Adaptec, is anyone steering that ship? Where have they been for the last two years?

Microsoft will be the unlikely hero in the iSCSI war, as they are soon to enable the entire market by putting native iSCSI drivers into .NET as well as Win2000 via a service pack. Could be by year's end.

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This was last published in November 2002

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