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HP's search for a new CEO ... Xiotech explores its customers' IP storage and ILM needs ... VMware defending its turf?

Among the names being bandied about to replace Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard's (HP) erstwhile CEO, is none other...

than Rick Belluzzo, who's currently chairman and CEO at Quantum. Belluzzo spent 23 years at HP before leaving for Silicon Graphics, which was followed by a stint at Microsoft as president and COO.


Xiotech is actively exploring ways to satisfy customers' IP storage and long-term data archival (ILM) needs, and is pondering a build vs. buy strategy, a source close to the company tells us. So far, the company is leaning toward a partnership approach, the source says.

Speaking of HP, rumors that the company is ditching its EVA line are completely unfounded, the company insists, and it's on track to announce a major refresh in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, some analysts think the company would be better served by striking up an OEM deal with Engenio Information Technologies, rather than belabor the EVA product.

At Engenio, meanwhile, the question is what will happen once IBM ramps up sales of the in-house-designed DS6000? Big Blue has positioned the DS6000 as a low-cost DR complement to the high-end DS8000 series, but sources say IBM's long-range plan for the DS6000 is to replace the Engenio-made FAStT, with the exception of the SATA FAStT1000 (DS4100). Whether that will actually happen is anyone's guess, given that FAStT sales are still so brisk. An IBM spokesperson, meanwhile, says "IBM's relationship with Engenio continues to be strong" and that "they see a fit for both the DS4000 and the DS6000 in the market."

Will VMware have to defend its turf? Intel's forthcoming hardware-based virtualization technology, Vanderpool, and the groundswell of interest around Xensource, an open-source virtualization technology, are prompting speculation about what this means for VMware. Vanderpool is expected to find its way into Intel's chips and Xensource is backed by Novell, Red Hat and AMD. VMware officials say they're working with Intel and AMD to ensure the technologies work together. Regarding Xensource, a VMware spokesman says it will be attractive to people using open-source products. But he noted that the value of virtualization is severely curtailed once you realize Xensource is purely for Linux. VMware, on the other hand, is cross-platform.

Despite its diminutive size, data replication and recovery software maker XOsoft is winning deals against Veritas, especially in Microsoft Exchange environments, a storage consultant tells us. Customers have been impressed with the technology and the high-availability message XOsoft is pitching--enough, in some cases, to overlook the fact that they're a 47-person startup.

If global file systems are so hot, why doesn't EMC have one? Well, maybe it does and just isn't talking about it. According to industry insiders, the Ibrix global file system is being fast-tracked through the EMC qualification process as we speak. Remember, too, that Ibrix's only OEM partner to date is Dell, whose partnership with EMC is as solid as they come. According to Dell's internal newsletter, the Ibrix file system is being sold in combination with a Dell/EMC CX700 storage array. Go figure.

Better late than never? We hear Larry Ellison's well-funded storage protÉgÉ, Pillar Data Systems, is finally set to announce its product, "a storage box with some nifty virtualization and data protection technology built-in," our source says. The company stepped onto the scene in 2001, and has been on the cusp of announcing product a couple of times, but has always pulled back at the last minute. We'd dismiss these latest rumors as more of the same, except we know that the Pillar box is in beta at a large media research firm.

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This was last published in March 2005

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