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ARRAHAN SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT. We ran a story in our December 2005 issue (see "Behind the firewall," Storage, December 2005) about problems with EMC's Rainfinity products. We reported that Jack Garrahan, a longtime executive at EMC, had resigned because of those problems. Mr. Garrahan assures us that his retirement was 18 months in the making and not connected with Rainfinity in any way. We do stand by our reporting on the product issues, which we've heard about from multiple independent sources.


GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER. Word has it that Symantec is checking out data-classification companies Kazeon Systems, Njini and Scentric. Sources say Symantec is considering incorporating the technology as part of a tiered storage mobility offering, probably as a component of Veritas CommandCenter. There could be some jostling over Kazeon because Network Appliance appears to have the inside track on the startup through an OEM deal announced last year. The ability to classify data and then move it to the appropriate storage is at the heart of an effective tiered storage architecture. Symantec declined to comment on its plans in this area.

IBM DSL0000 RUMORS ARE FLYING. Whisperings among Wall Street analysts that IBM is working on a DS10000 high-end system that would eclipse the DS8000 have been categorically shot down by IBM. "It's nonsense," says a company spokesman. "Why would there be another high-end system when the DS8000 can virtualize up to 32 petabytes of storage into a single pool?" That's a good point. Still, you can always stuff more into a single box. IBM's concern is that DS10000 rumors--true or not--could affect DS8000 sales.

DO YOU NEED A VIRTUAL TAPE LIBRARY? Sun Microsystems now has three of them! Sun has been quietly reselling FalconStor Software's virtual tape library software for several months, although it hasn't officially announced it, according to a spokesman from Sun. With the acquisition of Storage Technology Corp., Sun now has three virtual tape library products: Virtual Storage Manager for mainframe environments; Virtual Storage Manager Open for the open-systems world; and the rebranded FalconStor product, which includes Engenio disks and controllers. "Sun has no current plans to discontinue this product," says the spokesman.

EVERYBODY LOVES FALCONSTOR. Midrange storage supplier Xiotech is reportedly looking at offering a virtual tape library and might join the ever-growing list of vendors reselling FalconStor, sources say.

TACIT-MICROSOFT PARTNERSHIP JUST PEACHY. WAFS upstart Tacit Networks says its relationship with Microsoft is in great shape, contrary to comments in last month's issue of Storage (see "Behind the firewall," January 2006). In fact, Tacit will launch a WAN optimization product based on Windows Server 2003 R2 in the next few weeks, according to Chuck Foley, president of Tacit. Furthermore, Radhesh Balakrishnan, group product manager in the Windows Server Division at Microsoft, says, "Tacit will continue to add functionality on top of the Windows platform."

EMC'S REPLICATION VAPORWARE. Recent conversations with EMC's director of business continuity seem to suggest that last year's promises of remote replication on Invista won't be met anytime soon. He also says he hasn't sold any Open Replicator licenses--it's business as usual selling Symmetrix Remote Data Facility and MirrorView.

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