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Beginning of the end for hard drives?

Enterprise-ready solid-state storage hasn't been around for long, but 33% of our respondents have solid state running. Price is still an issue, but disk's days may be numbered.

Enterprise-ready solid-state storage hasn't been around for very long, but 34% of the respondents to our latest Snapshot survey have solid state up and running. Price is still an issue, but disk's days may be numbered.

Solid-state storage is getting a lot of buzz these days, with enterprise data storage managers envisioning data centers minus the hum of spinning disks. But plenty of technologies have been tripped up by their own hype, never making the transition from cool to real.

Solid-state storage appears to be overcoming that stumbling block right now. In our latest Snapshot survey, 34% of respondents said they're using some form of solid-state storage, and some have had it in their shops for years. To keep things in perspective, it's hardly a solid-state tsunami that we're seeing, as the average installation adds up to 1.5 TB. That's equivalent to approximately 94 16 Gig iPods, but it shows that solid state has gone from zero to 60 mph at a pretty snappy pace. The chief beef about solid-state storage is price, as well as some lingering doubts about a technology that's still relatively new to enterprises. But the early results look good: 80% of solid-state users are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their flashy new storage.

"Hope the price comes down -- we will use it in all the servers. The power consumption is great, and the speed is, too." -- Survey respondent

BIO: Rich Castagna ( is editorial director of the Storage Media Group.

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