Are You a SAN Guru?

Take these sample exam questions to see if you could pass SNIA's FC certification programs.

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Think you know your way around SANs and FC? Take these sample exam questions developed by training provider Infinity...

I/O to see if you could pass SNIA's FC certification programs.


1.  Which topologies are valid within FC?
  a.  Point to Point, Fabric and Multidrop
  b.  Point to Point, Fabric and Multicast
  c.  Point to Point, FC-AL and Multicast
  d.  Point to Point, FC-AL and Switched Fabric
2.  Which device is not considered a FC Node?
  a.  Switch
  b.  Tape drive
  c.  UNIX server
  d.  RAID controller
3.  What is the upper range of FC Addresses in a Switched Fabric?
  a.  500,000
  b.  Unlimited
  c.  126
  d.  16 million

4.  Which two port connections are not valid configurations? (Choose two)
  a.  E_Port to N_Port
  b.  N_Port to F_Port
  c.  E_Port to L_Port
  d.  NL_Port to FL_Port
5.  What is the hierarchy of units of data in FC?
  a.  Frames, Words, Sequences, Exchanges
  b.  Sequences, Words, Frames, Exchanges
  c.  Frames, Sequences, Exchanges, Words
  d.  Words, Frames, Sequences, Exchanges
6.  What is the FC link rate for 100 MB/s throughput?
  a.  800Mb/s
  b.  1000Mb/s
  c.  1250Mb/s
  d.  1062.5Mb/s
Answers: 1d; 2a; 3d Answers: 4a & 4c; 5b; 6d
This was last published in August 2002

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