Primary storage devices

  • July 18, 2005 18 Jul'05

    RAID fast guide

    You need info about RAID. It's that simple. In the world of storage, RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a major topic. Whether you are a RAID rookie or you're trying to optimize performance of a huge array, you'll learn something here. ...

  • July 19, 2004 19 Jul'04

    Enterprise-class RAID functions, part 2: N-way mirroring, splitting and more

    With the convergence of RAID and lower-priced storage technologies, advanced RAID functions can be enjoyed by any small-to-medium sized organization with critical data.

  • February 25, 2004 25 Feb'04

    Hitachi announces biggest ever SCSI drive

    When someone says "300 GB drive," you immediately think ATA, right? That may not be the case for long. Hitachi has something else in mind.

  • December 04, 2003 04 Dec'03

    The essential RAID primer, part 1

    Part 1 of Evan Marcus' RAID primer covers RAID-0 to RAID-5. Each level's description is concise and to the point.