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Why select NAS over other storage networking solutions, such as iSCSI and Fibre Channel SANs?

Well, the choice depends on a number of factors. NAS has file-level awareness; it understands files and file attributes...

Well, the choice depends on a number of factors. NAS [network attached storage] has file-level awareness; it understands...

files and file attributes. If you've got lots of file data, then NAS is something that you need to consider. I also speak to customers that store database content on NAS. They like the ease of use, data protection capabilities, and manageability found in NAS platforms. Those are important elements that users should look at.

What we're seeing is a big shift to unstructured file-based data that's demanding more storage capacity. This includes documents, images, video, audio and other unstructured content types. So, file-level NAS storage is becoming very important for enterprises of all sizes.

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This was last published in July 2007

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