VeloBit HyperCache 1.12

The content-locality caching algorithm in VeloBit HyperCache 1.12 prioritizes cached data based on popularity rather than how recently it was used.

Bronze winner Storage 2012 Products of the Year

VeloBit HyperCache 1.12 is the storage system software category bronze winner in Storage magazine's/'s 2012 Products of the Year competition. Read our best data storage products guide 2012 to review all the winners.

One of the hottest trends in storage is server-based flash caching, and VeloBit HyperCache 1.12 stood out in an increasingly crowded field, scoring high marks from the judges on performance, value and ease of integration into the data center environment.

Like other flash cache software, the VeloBit HyperCache product is able to boost performance without changes to existing applications, storage or data protection. The product works with any type of solid-state drives, including PCI Express and SATA, and supports major operating systems and hypervisors.

VeloBit Inc. HyperCache

One of the main differentiators VeloBit touts is HyperCache's content-locality caching algorithm, which prioritizes data in the cache based on popularity rather than how recently it was used. Another point of distinction from some other flash cache software is HyperCache's support for both read and write caching.

"Good idea, good price," commented one judge.

Other features in VeloBit HyperCache 1.12 include data compression, user-defined write-cache depth, automatic performance optimization, and a performance monitoring utility that displays metrics in real-time and enables past-performance analysis.

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