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VMware Inc. vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5

vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 is the first hypervisor-level replication product on the market. It can also automatically move virtual machines to a primary site after a failover.

vCenter SRM 5 garnered bronze in the backup and DR software and services category in Storage magazine's/'s 2011 Products of the Year competition. Read about all the winners in our guide to the best data storage products of 2011.

Bronze 2011 Products of the Year

vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is a disaster recovery solution designed by VMware for vSphere. Site Recovery Manager 5 offers a number of important new features.

First up is vSphere Replication, VMware’s hypervisor-based replication application, which allows for the replication of virtual machines (VMs) at the virtualization layer and eliminates the need for replicating storage arrays or third-party replication software products. It’s the first hypervisor-level replication product on the market. Built-in replication has the potential to allow smaller companies that don’t have the budget for storage-area network (SAN)-based replication to deploy vCenter SRM. Also, because vSphere Replication works independently of storage devices, it allows for replication between heterogeneous storage systems. vSphere Replication also offers Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) compatibility and uses Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to copy only changed blocks to the recovery site.

VMware SRM 5

Another new feature of vCenter SRM 5 is automated failover. The product can automatically move virtual machines back to a primary site after a failover, and it coordinates operations across storage and vSphere layers.

“This is a major step forward for server virtualization DR,” said a judge. “It allows any-to-any storage DR; it’s simple, elegant, fast and effective.”

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 is priced at $195 per virtual machine.

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