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VMTurbo Inc. VMTurbo Operations Manager 4.1 and Storage Extension

Operations Manager version 4.1 continuously makes recommendations regarding workload placement, sizing volumes and allocating disk space.f

Storage Products of the Year 2013 bronze winner

VMTurbo Inc.'s resource management tool, VMTurbo Operations Manager, focuses on virtual servers and cloud storage. With its upgrade to version 4.1 and the Storage Extension add-on made generally available in June 2013, the product brought management capabilities to the storage layer.

The newest version of Operations Manager automatically maps virtual machines to the underlying storage systems, which in turn provide metrics, including IOPS, disk capacity and CPU usage. Those metrics are displayed through a control panel; Operations Manager can continuously make recommendations regarding workload placement, sizing volumes and allocating disk space. Users can also choose to enable automation of those recommendations so workloads are moved based on changing CPU usage, capacity demand or other metrics.

Currently, Operations Manager supports CloudStack, Hyper-V, VMware and VMware vCloud Director; however, the Storage Extension add-on works only with NetApp filers.

VMTurbo Operations Manager

By focusing on management of the storage layer in virtual server environments, VMTurbo Operations Manager is able to address bottlenecks that commonly affect virtual environments. Rather than simply providing metrics, the product takes action based on information the metrics provide, taking the burden away from IT staff.

Judges ranked VMTurbo close behind EMC's ViPR, giving it the highest markings for innovation, functionality and ease of use, with one judge calling it "the most innovative product on the list."

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