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Top 10 SAN news stories and tips

Back from vacation and need a recap of the most important SAN stories this year? Check out our Top 10 SAN news stories and tips for 2007.

If you're just back from vacation and feeling a little blurry, here's a reminder of the most important SAN stories this year. We've coupled them with related learning material and tips, to keep you on your toes in the market.

The top 10 SAN news stories of the year are listed below, along with related expert advice. Some of the topics we have been following include the Brocade/McData merger, file virtualization, SAN encryption, iSCSI SANs and storage virtualization.

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  1. BrocData

    It's a little harsh, but that's the word on street for the now combined Brocade and McData. Brocade missed its latest earnings targets claiming customers are deferring purchases until the company releases the next generation merged platform early 2008.

    Brocade reports earnings
    Brocade unveils McData roadmap
    Users question Brocade-McData roadmap, eye Cisco
    Brocade answers users' roadmap questions

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  2. Cisco goes for the jugular

    Wasting no time, Cisco has pounced on Brocade and McData customers and is spreading FUD like there's no tomorrow, increasing competition dramatically.

    Cisco stamps on Brocade in Q4, Dell'Oro says
    Brocade blasts Cisco on director switch power consumption

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  3. Networking vendors snap up file virtualization

    Brocade started the trend of networking companies buying into the file virtualization market with the acquisition of NuView in 2006. This year the trend has continued with F5 buying Acopia and Cisco buying Neopath.

    F5 buys Acopia for $210M
    Cisco acquires Neopath
    Cisco's move to kill Neopath shocks users, analysts
    File virtualization becomes a network service
    Brocade says file virtualization biz growing

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  4. Cisco, EMC buddy up on SAN encryption

    Storage managers have been reluctant to purchase storage security products because, until now, these products been very expensive and have added latency to the SAN. Cisco and EMC/RSA are working on a blade for Cisco's MDS directors that will provide SAN-based encryption for tape libraries and VTLs, which promises to alleviate both these issues.

    Cisco, EMC partner on SAN encryption

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  5. Brocade gets into HBAs

    Brocade announced earlier this year that it has partnered with LSI Logic to develop HBAs. Analysts said a third competitor in the HBA market could improve pricing for end users, which is always nice to hear.

    Brocade gets into the HBA business

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  6. iSCSI takes its rightful place next to Fibre Channel

    iSCSI has been blasted as the redheaded step child to Fibre Channel ever since its inception. Finally, this year it's taking its rightful place in the family of storage networking protocols.

    ISCSI brings VMware to a new audience
    EMC, NetApp execs debate future of iSCSI
    ISCSI gains strength from servers
    ISCSI maven says TOE cards are back
    Intransa launches 10 GigE IP SAN

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  7. 4 Gig Fibre Channel switches everywhere

    4 Gigabit FC switches rolled out en masse this year.

    4 Gbit Fibre Channel switch purchase considerations

  8. SAN vendors propose FC over Ethernet standard

    Just in case you want another networking standard to worry about, the storage vendors have come up with FC over Ethernet (FCoE). The claim is that the new specification will define the process of adding Fibre Channel information into Ethernet packets as the "payload"; the new protocol would be a Layer 2 networking standard that would allow for the creation of converged networks combining Fibre Channel, enhanced Ethernet, and high-performance computing (HPC) clustered traffic in the data center.

    Storage vendors propose FC over Ethernet standard

  9. FC-SATA switch emerges

    Another cross-protocol standards effort has been led by Emulex, to get FC and SATA devices talking to one another. The company has released a product of its own but so far the rest of the industry has yet to get on board.

    Emulex stands alone with FC-SATA switch

  10. Storage virtualization reaches the "Trough of disillusionment"

    Block-level storage virtualization had built a head of steam over the year, but users with say there are either still limits in the products available or limits in their infrastructures that keep the "single pane of glass" management dream just a dream for now.

    SNW: Storage virtualization is no silver bullet, users say

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