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Data storage startups to watch: Violin Memory Inc.

Violin Memory Inc. is one of our data storage startup companies to watch. Find out why.

Partnering gains company funding, impressive benchmark numbers and product development

Vendor: Violin Memory Inc.
Category: Solid-state storage
Product: Flash Memory Array, vCache NFS Caching
Why it makes our list: Well-funded, proven technology in an emerging market

Even with hundreds of solid-state storage vendors out there, Violin Memory has done a great job of making friends in high places. The vendor has raised more than $100 million in funding, including $75 million in 2011 alone. NAND flash chip vendor Toshiba is a major investor and supplies Violin’s flash chips. Juniper Networks Inc. also has a stake in Violin. Violin Memory has posted impressive benchmark numbers for its SSD products working with Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM, and is partners with FalconStor Software on a performance acceleration product. The company's Flash Memory Array and vCache NFS Caching products cover several areas of the SSD landscape. Former Fusion-io CEO Don Basile heads Violin Memory, and it’s no secret the startup is looking to follow Fusion-io into an IPO.

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