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Data storage startups to watch: Scality

Scality is one of our data storage startup companies to watch. Find out why.

Focus on object storage provides service providers with key ingredient to build storage clouds

Vendor: Scality
Category: Object storage
Product: Ring Organic Storage
Why it makes our list: Owns the technology providers need to power storage clouds

Scality’s Ring Organic Storage offers service providers a key ingredient for building storage clouds: object storage. Scality has a few large European providers as customers, and is making a push in the U.S. after moving its corporate headquarters to San Francisco. Scality claims its latest version of Ring Organic Storage can handle billions of files and hundreds of thousands of objects per second, and positions it as a cloud platform for email, file sharing, video and photo storage. Scality calls its software Ring because it sets up a cluster -- or ring -- of nodes on commodity servers, and each node manages a piece of the data storage environment. The vendor has raised $13 million in funding since spinning out of Bizanga in 2008. Its prospects will rise if storage clouds catch on, although it faces competition from products from more mature vendors such as Caringo’s CAStor, DataDirect Networks’ Web Object Scaler (WOS), Dell’s DX Object Storage, EMC’s Atmos and NetApp’s StorageGrid.

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