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Data storage startups to watch: Nirvanix Inc.

Nirvanix Inc. is one of our data storage startup companies to watch. Find out why.

Pure-play cloud storage provider powers public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds

Vendor: Nirvanix Inc.
Category: Cloud storage provider
Product: Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network
Why it makes our list: A pure-play storage provider-built enterprise-ready cloud

Nirvanix is a pure-play cloud storage provider; it doesn’t sell storage products or other services. “There aren’t a lot of companies that just provide cloud storage,” said Nirvanix CEO Scott Genereux. “Cloud doesn’t mean, ‘Let me put something on the floor you could’ve bought from me two years ago, bundle it up and call it cloud.’” The Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network consists of a file system with multi-tenant capabilities that lets organizations have multiple applications under a single account. Nirvanix can power a public cloud that it hosts, a private cloud delivered with its software or a hybrid cloud. It uses seven data centers spread across the U.S., Europe and Asia to hold data. Nirvanix has been around since 2007, claims more than 1,200 customers and has approximately $33 million in funding. Its biggest challenge is to hold off industry giants such as storage vendors EMC and NetApp selling products to power storage clouds and storage services from rivals Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

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