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Data storage startups to watch: Nasuni Corp.

Nasuni Corp. is one of our data storage startup companies to watch. Find out why.

Cloud gateway vendor wants users to purchase stand-out SLAs for service and reliability

Vendor: Nasuni Corp.
Category: Primary cloud NAS
Product: Nasuni Filer
Why it makes our list: Trying to bring primary data to the cloud with uptime guarantees

Nasuni is trying to stand out among cloud gateway vendors by offering service-level agreements (SLAs) for uptime, reliability and security that go far beyond those of service providers. Nasuni sells a NAS gateway, available as an appliance or as software that customers can run on their own hardware. Either as a hardware or virtual appliance, the Nasuni Filer provides an interface to cloud service providers and handles transfer of data to and from the cloud. Nasuni has close to 100 customers, according to CEO Andres Rodriguez, whose previous startup Archivas was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems in 2007. Nasuni has $23 million in venture capital funding and came out of stealth in 2009. Its biggest challenge is to convince customers to trust primary data to a startup and a cloud storage model.

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