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Data storage startups to watch: Avere Systems Inc.

Avere Systems Inc. is one of our data storage startup companies to watch. Find out why.

Clustered NAS offering with dynamic tiering lets users manage NAS devices as a single pool

Vendor: Avere Systems Inc.
Category: Scale-out NAS
Product: Avere FXT appliances
Why it makes our list: Improves performance and management of clustered NAS

Avere sets out to keep clustered NAS from sputtering as it scales. Avere’s FXT appliances add dynamic tiering and provide a global namespace to enable customers to manage all NAS devices as a single pool. The appliances use DRAM and NVRAM to accelerate performance as well as flash solid-state drives (SSDs) or hard drives. Avere’s file system dynamically tiers data by automatically moving it to the optimal storage tier based on demand, and the vendor added global namespace to the FXT appliances this year. Avere has been shipping since 2009 and has $32 million in funding. Its challenge will be continuing to add value as clustered NAS becomes more mainstream and vendors improve their products.

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