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Data storage startups to watch: SolidFire

SolidFire is one of our data storage startup companies to watch. Find out why.

Optimizing SSDs for public cloud storage providers fills technology niche

Vendor: SolidFire
Category: Solid-state storage systems for cloud providers
Product: SF3010 Storage Node
Why it makes our list: Fills a need for storage built exclusively for the cloud

SolidFire has created an all-solid-state drive (SSD) storage system for public cloud storage providers. SolidFire CEO Dave Wright maintains traditional storage systems weren’t built for SSDs or optimized for the cloud. That’s where the SF3010 Storage Node and its Element Operating System (OS) come in. The SolidFire SF3010 is a 1U system with 10 multi-level cell (MLC) and single-level cell (SLC) SSD drives and native 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) iSCSI connectivity. SolidFire’s REST-based API handles storage management, automation and multi-tenant provisioning. The Element OS handles management functions such as inline deduplication, compression and thin provisioning in real-time. “Traditional enterprise storage just doesn’t work at cloud scale,” said Wright. “They have cost, management and complexity issues that didn’t fit in that environment.” Of course, every enterprise storage vendor disagrees with that assessment. SolidFire launched its SF3010 this year, and has $12 million in funding.

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