Tegile Zebi HA2800 Storage Array

The Tegile Zebi HA2800 multiprotocol array can be used as an all-flash system or in front of a pool of hard drives as a hybrid array.

Gold winner Storage 2012 Products of the Year

Tegile Systems Inc.'s Zebi HA2800 Storage Array earns first place in the enterprise storage systems category in Storage magazine's/SearchStorage.com's 2012 Products of the Year competition. To get more information on all our winners, read our best data storage products 2012 guide

The Tegile Zebi HA2800 multiprotocol array can be used as an all-flash system or in front of a pool of hard drives as a hybrid array. It includes up to 4.4 TB of flash and allows one or two 72 TB expansion shelves for up to 144 TB of hard drive capacity. Tegile claims the all-flash array can sustain 200,000 IOPS.

Tegile Systems calls its storage architecture a Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS). It stores and manages metadata independently of data on solid-state drives (SSDs) for faster retrieval. All Tegile Zebi arrays have FlashVols that pin data into SSDs, ensuring maximum quality of service to those volumes so they run at maximum performance.

Tegile Systems' Zebi HA2800 storage array

Tegile's reporting allows users to associate storage resources to virtual machines, accelerating capacity and performance planning as well as troubleshooting. Tegile also uses in-line compression and data deduplication for its SSDs and hard drives, which it claims can increase usable capacity up to five times. The arrays feature snapshots and remote replication for data protection.

The Tegile Zebi arrays support Fibre Channel, iSCSI and network-attached storage (NAS) protocols. An array can be optimized for backup operations with high network throughput and in-line dedupe and compression, or for virtualization with high IOPS. For caching, Zebi arrays use a combination of DRAM and SSDs.

Our judges gave the HA2800 high marks for innovation and value, with its base price of approximately $235,000. One judge called the system "One of the more complete hybrid unified storage products -- full storage array functionality and excellent performance at a reasonable price."

Another judge noted that the HA2800's "inline dedupe and hybrid disk, and snapshot and replication make for a comprehensive feature set."

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This was last published in February 2013

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