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Supplemental guide to Storage Decisions Fall 2005 Las Vegas

Nearly 350 IT directors, managers, systems architects and engineers participated in and Storage magazine Storage Decisions 2005 Fall conference in Las Vegas. The events included a mix of both practical and conceptual sessions led by recognized independent experts, authors, analysts and power users in the field of enterprise storage.

Nearly 350 IT directors, managers, systems architects and engineers participated in and Storage magazine Storage Decisions 2005 Fall conference in Las Vegas.

The events included a mix of both practical and conceptual sessions led by recognized independent experts, authors, analysts and power users in the field of enterprise storage.

Editors from and Storage magazine covered the event. A collection of session reviews and reports appear here, along with links to view each speaker presentations. Additional white papers and pre-show content can be found here.

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    Sessions from Storage Decisions 2005 Fall show in Las Vegas.

    Wednesday's sessions:

    Keynote: Rethinking tiered storage
    Speaker: Richard Scannell, Senior Vice President, North American Consulting, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
    Description:Join Richard as he talks about tiered storage and its impact on the economics of information management and what parts of the puzzle remain unsolved.

    Real-world tiered storage
    Speaker: Craig Taylor, Associate Director, Enterprise Technology Open Systems, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.
    Description: This session will examine how the CME took charge of unpredictable growth, data center requirements, regulation, performance, disaster recovery and capacity planning by reshaping its backups. Attendees will learn how starting with backup lead the way to a tiered storage architecture that meets the needs of today, and the growth of tomorrow.
    For more information: Tiered storage with SATA

    High performance storage
    Speaker: Le My, Independent Storage Analyst
    Description: In this session, experienced storage analyst and architect Le My shows you how to leverage storage performance tools to accommodate storage strategies today, and in the future.
    For more information: Fast Guide: Advanced Fibre Channel

    Backup School, I
    Speaker: W. Curtis Preston, Vice President, Data Protection Services, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
    Description: In the first hour of Advanced Backup School, W. Curtis Preston starts to deconstruct the common backup system and points out the mistakes that may be hampering your backup operations. This hour will help you to find out if your systems have too much or too little power and why you MUST consider multiplexing and multi-streaming to build efficient systems.
    For more information: Fast Guide: Advanced backup

    Backup School, II
    Speaker: W. Curtis Preston, Vice President of Data Protection Services, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
    Description: In this session Curtis goes beyond the limits of today's traditional backup techniques to expose you to some of the burgeoning backup technologies. He takes a look at three technologies in-depth: snapshots, continuous data protection, archiving, security and data reduction, which are sure to be working their way into your data center and remote office environments. He'll examine the pros and cons of each, where these technologies will make the most sense and why they'll comprise the future of backup. Curtis also answers your questions during this hour.
    For more information: Backup School online

    SAN School, I
    Speaker: Stephen Foskett, Director, Strategy Services, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
    Description: This session focuses on the storage topics and concepts that we in the industry sometimes take for granted. Stephen starts with an overview of the various components and terms, such as the difference among SAN, NAS and DAS, and continues with RAID levels and how they are commonly used. He wraps it all up finishes with an overview of the major storage devices.
    For more information: SAN School online

    SAN School, II
    Speaker: Stephen Foskett, Director, Strategy Services, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
    Description: This session focuses on IP storage, and iSCSI in particular. Stephen discusses the various IP SAN protocols, differentiates them from more established technologies and discusses how to bring iSCSI into your data center.
    For more information: Fast Guide: Advanced SAN

    Gambling with Tiered Storage
    Speaker: Laura Fucci, CTO, MGM Mirage
    Description: Known for its growth, both through development and acquisitions, the MGM MIRAGE has adopted an agile storage strategy to enable consolidation through rapid changes and growth. Laura will talk about how MGM MIRAGE has tied storage to disaster preparedness architectures to have a layered approach to disaster recovery planning. The discussion will wrap up with ILM and tiered storage strategies. Laura covers how MGM MIRAGE has enabled compliance through different storage approaches.
    For more information: Tiered storage introduction

    Data protection management
    Speaker: Brad O'Neill, Senior Analyst, Taneja Group
    Description: This session will provide an overview of the key issues and players in the emerging data protection management software category. Brad will explore how traditional product-specific backup reporting has evolved into a new category driven by third party technology vendors.
    For more information: HP steps up its game in data protection

    Building a data security plan
    Speaker: Tony Asaro, Senior Analysts, Enterprise Strategy Group
    Description: This session will outline a pragmatic approach toward storage security, examine storage security technology and process vulnerabilities, and provide guidance on how to remediate these issues Jon will also look at several examples of organizations that have implemented various security technologies to determine what problems were solved, what tradeoffs were made and how security investments were justified to upper management.
    For more information: The new vendor conundrum

    Virtualization: Are We There Yet?
    Speaker: Arun Taneja, Founder, Taneja Group
    Description: How many different types of virtualization are there and what are their pros and cons? Should virtualization be done at the fabric level? At the storage, or host level? Arun and a panel of storage users will examine these and other approaches to virtualization using examples of products and vendors supporting them.
    For more information: Storage virtualization – V is for victory

    The Best Storage Products
    Speaker: Phil Goodwin, President, Diogenes Analytical Laboratories, Inc. and Rich Castagna, Executive Editor, Storage magazine
    Description: The Diogenes, Storage magazine Quality Award endeavors to quantify those factors by giving storage pros a chance to share their hands-on experiences related to several key storage product categories. In the inaugural installment of the Quality Award process, respondents completed surveys on enterprise-class storage arrays. This session reveals the winners of the awards, the process to determine the winners and which arrays and backup software offer the highest level of quality in five categories: sales competence, features, quality, reliability and technical support.
    For more information: Which backup software if best?

    Storage's 2005 Purchasing Intentions Survey Results
    Speaker: Mark Schlack, Editorial Director, Storage Media Group
    Description: Storage's semi-annual survey details the spending plans of 500 corporate storage managers. Mark Schlack, editorial director of the Storage Media Group at TechTarget, tells you how much storage managers are spending, how they're spending it and why.
    For more information: Storage spending report

    Thursday's sessions:

    The New Data Protection War
    Speaker: Steve Duplessie, Founder, Enterprise Storage Group
    Description: According to Enterprise Strategy Group founder Steve Duplessie, continuous data protection (CDP) might be that very product line. In this talk, Steve will cover the technical merits of CDP, where CDP should be deployed and how it can change the backup landscape.
    For more information: CDP: An overview

    A Practical Approach to Large Scale SAN Migration (*presentation not available for download)
    Speaker: Alan Grantham, Storage Architect, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.
    Description: During this session Alan will cover: The important architectural questions you need to answer BEFORE your migration; primary practical methods available for large-scale migrations, what will cause the migration to fail, where your technical risks are and how to lower them, where and how you can speed up your migration, how to test your migration strategy, what to learn from your mistakes, the time of migration (when your plan meets the enemy), how to triage your migration when it goes wrong and aftercare .
    For more information: Ten best practices for moving data files to a SAN

    Storage Technologies: What's hot, what's not
    Speaker: Ken Male, Founder and CEO, TheInfoPro Inc.
    Description: In six months "waves" TheInfoPro (TIP) conducts hundreds of in-depth interviews with Fortune 1000 midmarket and European storage professionals. This session will compare the results of the last two waves where the likes of Pfizer Inc., Citigroup, BellSouth Corp. and Boeing detail their planned adoption/avoidance of more than 40 technologies, discuss the vendors poised to deliver, detail their budget allocations and give candid feedback on how current vendors are performing in their environment.
    For more information: Strategic Vendor Series library

    Innovations in storage
    Speaker: Tony Asaro, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
    Description: This session is focused on providing insight into specific innovations, including technologies, features and architectures related to storage systems. The presentation will also include the benefits of the above and how customers are applying them in their environments. Among the topics to be covered include: network clustered storage, storage virtualization, deduplication of data, distributed file systems covering SAN, NAS and object-based storage.
    For more information: Products of the Year 2004

    Ten reasons why your DR plan may fail
    Speaker: James Damoulakis, Chief Technology Officer, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
    Description: This session provides a DR reality check. James Damoulakis, chief technology officer, GlassHouse Technologies gives you the top 10 reasons why your DR plan may fail as well as a look at alternative recovery services and how and where to cut DR costs.
    For more information: DR checklist

    Tiered Storage School, I
    Speaker: Mike Casey, Vice President, Data Policy and Information Lifecycle Management Services; and Greg Forest, Vice President, Application Archiving and Deployment Services, Contoural Inc.
    Description: Tiered Storage School will help you to understand which technologies are available to help you implement a successful tiered storage strategy. This session will cover the key to a successful tiered storage strategy by helping you define the requirements of your business data. Also, the second half of the first hour of Tiered Storage School will help you align your business goals with your storage goals.
    For more information: Tiered Storage School

    Tiered Storage School, II
    Speaker: Mike Casey, Vice President, Data Policy and Information Lifecycle Management Services; and Greg Forest, Vice President, Application Archiving and Deployment Services, Contoural Inc.
    Description: The second hour of Tiered Storage School assists you in tiered storage design. This session covers application classification, defining and executing a migration plan, and establishing a framework for storage provisioning, reporting and/or chargeback.
    For more information: Cut costs with tiered backups

    Best practices in purchasing storage
    Speaker: Bill Peldzus, Director, Storage Architecture, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
    Description: In this session, you will learn the questions you should be asking ALL of your storage vendors and other important tips and techniques for writing an air-tight request for information (RFI) or request for proposal (RFP) (they are different!).
    For more information: Eight no-nonsense steps to buying storage products

    Extending storage networks
    Speaker: Marc Staimer, President, Dragon Slayer Consulting
    Description: This session assumes basic to moderate knowledge of storage and storage networking (SAN and NAS) practices and technologies. By attending this session you gain a better understanding of topics, including a look inside the mysterious generic networking cloud for metropolitan area networks (MAN) and WAN. Topics covered include LAN, MAN, WAN, SAN, along with IP, iSCSI, FC, serial-atttached SCSI, SATA, FICON, WiFi, NAS, wide-area file services, virtualization and routing.
    For more information: SAN/NAS technical tips

    Backup & Reporting Tools shootout
    Speaker: Phil Goodwin, President, Diogenes Analytical Laboratories Inc.
    Description: You don't have the time to test many of the different backup/recovery reporting tools products, but you don't want to make a purchase mistake, either. We've done the testing for you and the results of these tests will be displayed during Storage Decisions' product shoot-out. Diogenes Analytical Laboratories will present the results of its apples-to-apples testing of backup/recovery reporting software, comparing leading products in both standard operations and vendor-specific features and functions. Find out how each stacks up.
    For more information: Backup reporting tools webcast

    Business continuity and tiered storage
    Speaker: Pierre Dorion, Business Continuity Consultant, Mainland Information Systems Ltd.
    Description: Pierre Dorion, business continuity consultant at Mainland Information Systems Ltd., describes how some of the basic business continuity concepts, such as business impact analysis, risk assessment and the development of recovery strategies can provide the starting point in establishing a solid data management process from a business perspective. This session is designed for storage managers, IT managers, disaster recovery or business continuity coordinators, IT Architects or anyone responsible for making storage decisions.
    For more information: How to create a business continuity plan

    Building a successful services architecture
    Speaker: Dave Kaercher, IT Executive, Allianz Life
    Description: In this session with Dave Kaercher, IT executive at Allianz Life, he explains how his services orientated architecture was formed and is maturing. For more than a year, Kaercher and his team have been working within a service structure and have seen benefits of the architecture.
    For more information: The business case for service-oriented architecture

    Friday's sessions:

    Understanding long-term archive
    Speaker: Mark Diamond, CEO and Founder, Contoural Inc.
    Description: New regulations and aggressive enforcement, combined with other business requirements, continue to raise the bar on data retention. Litigation discovery strategies also play a key role in setting data retention and archiving policy. In this session you will learn how to manage the long-term problems archiving brings to the table.
    For more information: Data archives: What are your options?

    Safeguard Stored Data
    Speaker: W. Curtis Preston, VP Data Protection Services, Glasshouse Technologies
    Description: W. Curtis Preston, the author of "The Storage Security Handbook" and "Unix Backup & Recovery," begins with an overview of the security problems that companies are trying to address with encryption and authentication systems. He then explains the three basic ways to encrypt sensitive data: encryption at the source, encryption with a backup application and hardware encryption. Preston offers insight into the advantages and disadvantages of each option, paying special attention to the cost of implementation and management of such systems. Additionally he reveals how enhanced authentication systems make encryption useful, for without proper authentication, encryption is useless.
    For more information: Storage vulnerabilities you can't afford to miss

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