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Storage system software: 2012 Products of the Year finalists

Find out the 11 product finalists in the Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com storage system software category.

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Here are the 11 finalists in the enterprise storage system software category in the Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com 2012 Products of the Year competition. The category covers file systems, volume management, storage virtualization software, security software, storage optimization applications and data reduction. Storage system software finalists are listed in alphabetical order.

Afore Solutions Inc. CloudLink 2.0 with Secure Virtual Storage Appliance

CloudLink 2.0 with Secure Virtual Storage Appliance aims to secure data in cloud environments. The new version features AES-256 storage volume encryption of data at rest, an AES-256-encrypted VPN tunnel for data in motion, encrypted storage via NFSv3, Server Message Block (SMB) 2 and iSCSI, and a management tool suite accessible via browser or VMware vCenter.

Atlantis Computing Inc. ILIO Diskless VDI 3.0

Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI software uses a local server's RAM, rather than disk drives, as storage in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. Enhancements in the 3.0 edition include inline deduplication, in-memory compression, automation, and content-aware analyses of I/O operations in real-time at the NTFS file-system and block levels.

Caringo Inc. CAStor 6.0 with Elastic Content Protection

Caringo CAStor 6.0 object storage software with Elastic Content Protection (ECP) offers a choice between replication and erasure coding. A CloudScaler add-on gives users the option of secure multi-tenancy, metering, indexing and search through a RESTful API or Web portal.

Inktank Storage Inc. Ceph

Inktank's Ceph is a supported release of open source Ceph software, and is a unified object store, block store and POSIX-compatible distributed file system. Object storage is available via S3 and Swift APIs and through C, C++, Java, Python and Ruby interfaces. Block storage is available to Linux and QEMU/KVM virtual machines (VMs), while distributed POSIX file-system storage is available to various kernel and user-space clients.

iWave Software LLC Storage Automator Version 6.5

iWave Storage Automator enables an organization to offer storage-as-a-service using existing systems. New features include expanded support for Dell Compellent, NAS CIFS storage, iSCSI-connected block storage, VMware clustering and Active Directory permissions; automated chargeback functionality; and a software development kit. [Editor's note: EMC acquired iWave, one of its OEM partners, in a deal that closed on December 27, 2012.]

Maginatics Inc. MagFS Version 1.5

Maginatics' MagFS provides access to data from any location and any device through the use of a distributed file system and public, private or hybrid cloud storage. MagFS features include cloud-to-endpoint security whereby data is encrypted in flight and at rest, native integration with Active Directory and cloud-to-endpoint deduplication.

Microsoft Corp. Windows Server 2012

The Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system includes many new storage features, including SMB 3.0 for high throughput; low latency data transfers; the new Resilient File System; data deduplication; clustering enhancements; Storage Spaces virtualization technology to create storage pools; and additional virtualization improvements such as live storage migration and Hyper-V Replica disaster recovery.

Proximal Data AutoCache V1.0

Proximal Data's AutoCache software was purpose-built for server virtualization and plugs into any standard hypervisor. AutoCache performs I/O caching using algorithms designed for virtual servers; it places the hot I/O on a PCI Express (PCIe) flash card or solid-state drive to accelerate the guests. AutoCache tracks most recently used and most frequently used data, automatically adapting to changing workloads and increasing VM density.

Sanbolic Inc. AppCluster V2.0

Sanbolic AppCluster lets users move SQL Server workloads to the public cloud. The software can support hundreds of nodes in the same cluster, scale the number of nodes and storage while active I/O is present, and help to migrate and consolidate databases. Sanbolic has partnered with Amazon and Rackspace to make AppCluster available to their customers.

VeloBit Inc. HyperCache 1.12

HyperCache 1.12 is read/write caching software that works with any solid-state drive (PCIe, SATA and so on), servers and block storage to boost application performance without requiring changes to existing applications, storage or data protection. Users can monitor performance with a utility that displays metrics in real-time and enables past-performance analysis.

Virsto Software Corp. Virsto for vSphere 1.5

Virsto for vSphere is a VM-centric storage hypervisor that integrates with VMware vSphere and aims to simplify management of VM storage, improve performance and reduce storage capacity consumption. Version 1.5 added per-VM snapshots and clones, rapid deployment wizards and provisioning enhancements.

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