Storage performance monitoring in a sprawling, virtual world

It’s important to stay on track with storage performance monitoring. Read these articles for the latest info on storage monitoring tools, performance metrics, and more.

Storage performance monitoring and storage performance monitoring tools help keep data storage environments running smoothly and efficiently, alerting storage administrators to bottlenecks in the system or performance thresholds. But there are a wide array of performance tools offered on the market today, and with more and more virtual servers obscuring the view into storage environments, it can be hard to find the right tool for your specific needs.

To help you get a handle on the most current offerings in the storage performance monitoring space, has compiled a list of our top content on the topic. Read about the storage performance monitoring options for virtual servers; see how storage monitoring tools cut one hospital’s storage performance problems; and find out how to best understand your storage performance metrics.

>> Storage performance monitoring for virtual servers takes app approach

Traditional storage monitoring tools help track I/O resources and alert users of potential performance thresholds. But they fall short when faced with virtual sprawls, which may lead to problems with inaccurate data. This article outlines how virtualization-aware performance monitoring tools can help, and discusses in detail the products offered by BlueStripe Software, NetApp, VMware and Virtual Instruments. Read the full article on storage performance monitoring tools for virtual servers.

>> Storage monitoring tools cut hospital's storage performance problems 

Health care providers and hospitals can’t afford to have storage performance problems. If outages occur, lives could be at risk. That’s why Chris Carlton, storage lead at a large health care provider, decided to implement storage monitoring tools in his storage infrastructure. Find out what Carlton’s storage system used to look like, and what improvements he saw from adding storage monitoring tools to it. Read the full story on how different storage monitoring tools helped one hospital’s storage performance problems.

>> Understanding storage performance metrics

Vendors often report benchmark numbers for their products so that users will have a general idea what their performance levels will be. But many users aren’t aware that real-world storage performance levels can differ greatly from the benchmark numbers. This article explains how these benchmark numbers are measured, why your results may be different and how to better understand your storage performance metrics.

>> Sizing up storage performance analysis options

Are you currently focusing on storage performance for your environment, or are you too fixated on storage capacity? In this column, Jeff Boles takes a look at why storage performance is so important to address now, what options are available for improving storage performance and the caveats that sometimes come with these performance solutions. Read the full column on storage performance analysis options.

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